Say Hi to Hashnode community

I am a software engineer from Vietnam. I know about via - an extension collecting programing news around the world.


Hashnode is quickly becoming a large community that many developers and engineers can share their experience and technology they learned during the work. Just through the basic steps that I was able to have a personal blog in Hashnode. I used to want to build my own blog but thinking of content data management and other miscellaneous things made me consider a lot. And when I found the everything became so simple.

I learned a lot from the members of this community and I hope the Hashnode team will grow more and more so that this place will become a social network for developers like me.

This is only a short Hello World post from me. I will publish more articles in next time. Finally a big thanks for the great ideas from the Hashnode team :)

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Pankaj Sanam's photo

Welcome to the Hashnode!

It is indeed a great place to learn and share knowledge.

I will be looking forward to reading your blog :)

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I also look forward to your posts :D